Friday, August 27, 2010

Explore Historic Linz, Austria

En route to Germany, the Grapevine Cruise will dock in Linz to explore at leisure and taste the country’s finest beers. Linz is the third-largest city of Austria and capital of the state of Upper Austria. It is located in the north center of Austria, approximately 30 km south of the Czech border, on both sides of the river Danube. The population of the city is 189,284 (2009), and that of the Greater Linz conurbation is 271,000. The city was founded by the Romans, who called it Lentia. The name Linz was first recorded in 799 AD, after Bavarians expanded south and Linz became a center of trade.
Throughout the years, Linz has transformed itself from a gloomy industrial city to a bright and bustling cultural metropolis. Linz boasts a reputation as one of the most successful cities in Austria. A multitude historical figures, including scientists, writers and artists such as Johannes Kepler, Anton Bruckner and Adalbert Stifter, thrived in Linz where they all produced some of their most memorable works. 
As you stroll through the historical Old Town, you may want to enjoy a beer or two at Exxtrablatt or visit the Linz Castle, the Lentos, and the Museum of Contemporary Art.

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